Summer is coming to an end! Time to revitalize our skin and hair after a season of sun and fun

SIN:Slaking on the Sunscreen

DAMAGE: Microscopic trauma to collagen, increased risk of melanoma, brown spots (hyperpigmentation) clogged pores and overall faster aging.

REHAB:Retinol!!Clears and brightens complexion and brown spots. Try ENVY Lumixyl® Trifecting™ Night Cream, an exceptional, targeted multifunctional anti-aging treatment that delivers powerful results in skin improvement.

Lumixyl Trifecting Night Cream

SIN: Not wearing a lot of makeup you didn't wash face religiously

DAMAGE:dead skin cells cling to sweat and build up. Follicles clog and this leads to breakouts.

REHAB: Treat your self to a facial to professionally deep clean and exfoliate. If not invest in a high quality clay mask such as Yonka Mask 105. Use twice a week after cleansing to purify pores and detoxify.

SIN: Swimming in chlorinated pools and not showering right after

DAMAGE: Chlorine strips skins natural oils leaving you dehydrated. On the hair it causes breakage, brittleness and alters color. If you have blonde hair you may be a tad green?!

REHAB:Replenish skins moisture with a mild cleanser, apply lotion after bathing. For hair, call salon and request a Malibu Makeover. This removes chlorine with out stripping hair. Purchase a deep conditioning mask and use weekly. Leave on for 20 minutes or longer. Bumble and Bumble Quenching is the one of the best to replenish thirsty summer hair.