Free 5-Piece BB.Curl Starter Kit

Curls are crazy, managing them can feel even crazier. 

Bumble and Bumble just launched their BB.Curl line to help combat the ever lasting battle curly girls seem to face. 

This all-inclusive line is good for curly girls of all spectrum's, from those just trying to rock some waves to the curly girls who want those fully loaded springy corkscrew curls. 

Here at LBV we want to help the curly girls get started. We're offering a free starter package (while supplies last) that include 5 full sized deluxe BB.Curl samples that will redefine how curly girls manage their hair. 

Curls are meant to be crazy, wild, and fun. Make managing them fun and freeing too, stop by today and pick up your 5-Piece BB.Curl Start Kit. 

Free your curls girls!

Free 5-Piece BB.Curl Starter Kit