How To Beat The Winter Blues The Ayurvedic Way

It's winter so you know what that means, it's Vata season! In Ayurvedic medicine there are ways to balance out your doshas. This season we will be working to balance our Vata dosha. There are some ways you can do this on your own. The first and one of the most important ways to do this is to switch your diet. Below are foods to eat and foods to avoid during this season. 

Foods To Eat 

Basmati rice, brown rice, oats, wheatCooked vegetables

Mung beans, small beans, tofu

Most nuts and seeds

All oils specifically sesame, almond and ghee

All dairy products specifically buttermilk, kefir, and plain yogurt

All condiments specifically spices, slat, pickles, and vinegar

All animal products specifically fish, eggs, and chicken

Foods To Avoid

Dried fruit, raw apples, melons and cranberries

Raw vegetables, mushrooms, lettuce

Dry grains, granola, corn chips, barley, fava beans, kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans, lentils, split peas

Avoid excess amounts of almonds and sesame seeds

Processed white sugar avoided 

Another way to provide self care and get your vata dosha back into balance is to stop by Les Beaux Vous and pick up a bottle of our Banyan Vata oil. There are a three different ways to apply the oil. 

Application 1:

Step 1: Dry brush before getting into the shower

Step 2: Apply oil before getting into shower and wash off in shower

Application 2: 

Step 1: Dry brush before getting into the shower

Step 2: Apply oil after getting out of the shower for an all day absorbtion

Application 3:

Step 1: Apply to dry hair and put oil all over making sure to go root to tip

Step 2: Leave in for 24 hours you can put a scarf over to cover up your hair

Step 3: After 24 hours you can wash and style hair as usual

At Les Beaux Vous we provide a warm herbal body renew which is a body treatment using special healing herbs that we mix with specific dosha oil. We offer this also in pedicure form this is the padabhyanga foot and leg treatment. The other treatment that will benefit one during this cold time is the ayurvedic scalp massage. 

Questions about the dosha's and ayurvedic medicine please refer to my last blog Ayurvedic 101. 

How To Beat The Winter Blues The Ayurvedic Way