Healthy Hair and Scalp

Let's face it, who hasn't ever experienced dry scalp and dry hair?  How many products have you tried to fix the problem?  Did anything work?  Well if you haven't found the solution for your problem yet you should try an Ayurvedic scalp massage.  Have you ever heard of the benefit of it?  Warm oil massage once a week has the following benefits:

Lubricates and conditions the scalp

Helps prevents flaky and dry scalp without using harsh products

Helps with blood circulation in head and neck area, when scalp is tight from stress it disrupts circulation and hair growth

Helps relax scalp and helps pliability

Helps in strengthening and nourshing the hair promoting hair growth

Helps softens and conditions hair to make more manageable

Makes hair more vibrant and give it more luster

Helps protect from damage of sun and harsh weather as the oil makes the hair more resilent over time

Helps rejuvenate damage, dry, hair and help prevent brittleness and split ends

Relaxing for the mind and nervous system

Helps prevent maturing or greying hair

Reduces body heat 

Helps with emotional imbalance 

Helps relax neck muscles

Relaxes body and mind which promotes a good night sleep

Wow! would you ever think that you can get all those benefits from a scalp massage? 

A hot oil scalp massage will not take a lot of your time, only thirty minutes to feel good and help you get balanced.  For more information you can call Les Beaux Vous or you can book a consultation to get you started. 

For information on Ayurveda please see the post "Ayurvedic Healing 101"

Healthy Hair and Scalp