Trials are required to ensure the perfect interpretation of your wishes.
Trial Day Services
  • Trial Upwork       -       $75+
    Bring your pictures... this is the time to consult and create with the suggestions of your stylist. Together you capture the perfect style for your wedding day to ensure a seamless recreation.
  • Trial Blow Dry       -       $55+
    A straight style that is smooth with movement, or something rounder, for a full wavy style that is elegant with bounce...? We will make suggestions that take in account the natural state of your hair to ensure a perfect style for your wedding day.
  • Trial Makeup       -       $80+
    From flawlessly simple to beautifully dramatic, we will focus on the perfect skin enhancing look using mineral powders and skin care quality cosmetics.
Wedding Day Services
  • Upwork       -       $75+
    This is your Big Day! That perfect creation that you and your stylist agreed on...polished and perfected. Your stylist will secure your headpiece and veil.
  • Blow Dry       -       $55+
    A recreation of your perfect style taking into account the weather, the right products used accordingly, to ensure a long lasting look. Finishing touch.... headpiece and veil.
  • Makeup       -       $80+
    We recorded your customized look for your wedding... your best features will shine on your day.
  • Bride's Essentials       -       Complimentary Gift Package
    A collection of personalized gifts to make keeping your beautiful look effortless.